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If you are a communication service provider anywhere in the world, then SmartIPX are your ideal outsourced operations partner, based in the heart of the UK Internet hub of London Docklands, with a global reach. We are an MVNE, specialising in working with MNO, MVNA and MVNO.

As the trusted operations partner for a wide range of communication service providers (CSP) world-wide, we blend people, expertise and systems to enhance our client’s network operational capabilities. We are experts in remotely helping to operate and maintain our customers' infrastructure and network, fine-tuned around their exact requirements.

Our two areas of specialism are Managed Services and White Label NOC Services. We can also offer support for end of life legacy systems on request.


News From SmartIPX

15Dec 2014

VoLTE (Voice over Long Term Evolution) technology is being rolled out a rapid pace by many mobile operators, indicating that a move towards carrier-grade voice traffic running over data networks has finally arrived. Of course, VoLTE is not the first of its kind – voice-over-IP services have been running across a number of over-the-top services for […]

12Dec 2014

The team at Cataleya built Orchid One to solve problems they were seeing in service provider businesses everyday. They understand that the future of applications and services is dependent on QoS and QoE and created a solution that makes monitoring and managing network performance simple and effective. Orchid One enables us to offer our customers […]

10Dec 2014

We all understand the general idea behind WebRTC technology and its intent – however, it’s fair to say that defining WebRTC applications can be a fairly complex process. The logical solution would be to check the standard – however, the IETF and W3C groups that are working to approve the WebRTC standard have not yet […]