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If you are a communication service provider anywhere in the world, then SmartIPX are your ideal outsourced operations partner, based in the heart of the UK Internet hub of London Docklands, with a global reach. We are an MVNE, specialising in working with MNO, MVNA and MVNO.

As the trusted operations partner for a wide range of communication service providers (CSP) world-wide, we blend people, expertise and systems to enhance our client’s network operational capabilities. We are experts in remotely helping to operate and maintain our customers' infrastructure and network, fine-tuned around their exact requirements.

Our two areas of specialism are Managed Services and White Label NOC Services. We can also offer support for end of life legacy systems on request.


News From SmartIPX

06Mar 2015

We very much enjoyed Epsilon’s webinar on the subject of the Intelligent Network as a Service, led by Jerzy (George) Szlosarek, Chief Operating Officer of Epsilon Global Communications, covering the topics: An all IP-World –challenges and opportunities. How to monetise IP services efficiently – network outsourcing with eINX. Visibility and Service Management: High-performance apps and […]

05Mar 2015

Telecoms is in transition to a full cloud environment, where rapid deployment, reliability and technology upgrade will become a de facto standard. This opens up a wealth of service possibilities not feasible under more traditional “stove pipe” telecoms scenarios. Legacy fixed access copper pair phones are still used in the majority of UK resi­dential voice […]

04Mar 2015

For years the way Telecommunications Interconnection took place was traditionally an unregulated monopolistic activity either controlled by the state or via large Service Providers (SPs) with vested interests in maintaining the status quo. The advent of new mass market broadband technologies in the mid to late 1990s via Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line (ADSL) and Symmetric […]

03Mar 2015

A new case study released today outlines the challenges faced by SmartIPX when working with Stour Marine, a UK Tier One Mobile Network Operator (MNO), in transferring their analogue telecommunications services to a fully IP platform. After being personally referred to Stour Marine, SmartIPX worked with Chief Executive Officer Leo Bartle and Chief Technical Officer […]

03Mar 2015

In the beginning (the 1980s) there was 1G, although it was never called that, the name came later as the other Gs began to take shape. Mobile telephony started with the analogue phone, often referred to as “the brick”. They were bulky and limited to making telephone calls, no photo messages, texts or internet browsing […]